Protect your home or business ( View live video with sound from virtually anywhere in the world): Live view -> Security Cameras-> DVR -> Internet -> your mobile phone.

We prefer to install AAW brand CCTV security system, because AAW is the best brand. For example, AAW CCTV has such the features: Free DDNS, P2P QR code Scan, motion detection alert email…

  (1) Motion detection alarm email with snapshot will email to you automatically. So even if the intruder take away the recorder, you still have the snapshot in email for evidence

  (2  Support all cameras playback synchronously 

3  Support Dynamic IP address. If ISP (like Telstra, Optus) changes your IP address, you don’t need to re-configure the your mobile or computer for remotely access; 

4  Playback recorded video history on your smart phone , or iPad

5  It is very easy to find specific video: you can preview the video before play, and only need to move the mouse to time bar, then you can watch the video! (this method is very important for you to find out the specific video from lots of videos);


6  You can remotely access the CCTV using  MAC Safari browser

 (7). Good quality:

Daytime version for only 1.4M HD IP Camera (better than other brand's 2 Megapixel HD IP Camera):


Nighttime version for 1.4M HD IP Camera (without other light source, better than other brand's 2 Megapixel HD IP Camera):

AAW Smart NVR has better quality than Hikivisxxx or Dahxx. Smart NVR has new features as below:
1.     Remote Playback via App
2.     One step to add IP Cameras without any configuration, support different network segment and auto modify conflict IP address, password memory.
3.     Preview IP Cameras before add to NVR, easy to separate and recognize the correct IP Cameras location.
4.     Support 5M, 3M, 1080P, 960P, UXGA, 720P IP camera access;
5.     Support 32 screen live view;
6.     Support Full Channel synchronized playback;
7.     Recording data can seach by preview;
8.     Support up to 32 IP cameras, Access bandwidth up to 200Mbps;
9.     Monitor Bitrate status of each Channel in Realtime.
10.   The latest P2P technology, No need apply DDNS, No need port mapping, No need transfer server, Just scan QR code, Every is so easy.
11.   Support USB3.0, Transfer speed is up to 640MB/s, Read and write 3 times the speed USB2.0, Backward compatible with USB2.0.
12.   Support latest ONVIF2.4.1, Meet the security requirements of product standards and openness, Comptabile with different manufactures equipment with ONVIF2.0 and above.

Our Security system supports video surveillance and audio monitoring (one audio head can listen area of 100 square meters).


New features for home security cameras systems: alert message to App on mobile. (This function of our security cameras system also can be applied for small business and medium business)

We install PTZ Camera

All Camera are motion camera with motion detection function;

HDMI extender is available to extend 40m, 60m, or 120m;

ICT Doctor provides 4G Camera with features in free cabling, solar panel power supply and compatible with Cloud CMS;

Hidden Cameras are available;


 There is not other CCTV system in the market which can support all above functions.

We service the whole big Melbourne area.


HD SDI CCTV    at daytime:


HD SDI CCTV at night time:


Security System:

  •   Security licensed experts
  •         Install / Repair CCTV Security System, Alarm, Smoke Detector
  •         Parts for Sale   

•    Offers smartphone compatibility so you can keep track of what's going on at home when you're away.
•    It's compatible with Android, Apple, Nokia smartphones, Blackberry, Windows mobile as well as most computers and browsers
•    The Infrared Night Vision allows you to monitor what's going on in the dark.
•    Set up email alerts with the Motion Detection System.
•    View live video with sound from virtually anywhere in the world.
•    Compatible with alarms or sirens
•    Protect your home, assets, family or business!

Internet Security:

  •          Remove viruses and spyware
  •          Firewall and Anti-virus configuration
  •          Parent Security Advice
  •          Internet Security Service
  •          Security Software for Sale

ICT Doctor can provide HD CCTV system by replacing only your DVR with HD-SDI DVR and camera with HD-SDI camera (without replacing the cables, which save your money), please experience the HD CCTV here

ICT Doctor can provide HD CCTV by HD IP Camera

ICT Doctor became the exclusive agent in Australia for a world class DVR manufacturer who produce video capture products since 1993


Our standalone DVRs (Digital Video Recorder) support almost all smart phones to watch live camera view, including: iPhone/iPad, Android


Audio Monitoring kits

multi-function audio monitor head,
Integrating with video surveillance or set up seperatelly!

This multi-function audio monitor head is the production of highly sensitive monitoring products.using advanced integrated circuit from U.S.A, with high sensitivity, super-mute function of monitoring an area of about 100 square meters.It makes use of the most advanced circuit design, super-mute, anti- Scream features, built-in automatic gain AGC circuit to enhance long-distance voice, unique DSP audio output mute, so that the effect of exceptionally clear audio playback. Widely used in banks, prisons, police, justice, security checks, and other hospital departments, such as hard disk video recording environment.
A detailed product:
1. German import program A7-audio static noise level of professional sound environment for pickup (first monitor). 
2. imports from the United States IC, with the professional circuit to deal with the pickup, clear voice, no noise.
3. import large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone, anti, anti-environmental noise, wide-angle acquisition voice, without a corner, listening area of 100 square meters. 
4. built-in dynamic audio processing circuit, and other non-voice for the voice amplification for treatment, the total elimination of environmental noise.
5. built-in automatic gain AGC circuit, far from close range to eliminate the voice of the differences so that a more realistic playback. 
6. semi-circular enclosure, the installation of accessible and user-friendly tone pinhole into the mouth, wide-angle sound mining, non-reflective tone.
7.shallow convex surface, anti-echo, to reduce obstacles in the acoustic more realistic, echo smaller, to achieve the ideal state.
8. high output impedance, low-transmission cable, audio output intensity, strong drive for a variety of recording equipment. 
9. internal circuit-MIC, preamplifier, AGC circuit, dsp the elimination of noise (noise attenuator) circuit, power amplifier. 
10. A7-audio monitoring head for the bank, police, inspection, judicial, military, and other national security department uses the voice of the acquisition.
11. transmission cable core with the use of a shield line, or the common core of the two power lines, transmission distance in accordance with the decision diameter size, as far as possible to avoid high-voltage transmission line audio cable layout.




50~150 Square


-43DB   1000 HZ 


Max 85

Processing circuit

Agc  and  dsp

Operating voltage

6~12VDC,20MA (MAX)


72mm*41mm  Dome

Connection mode

Red (power is), black (power, signal to), green (positive signal)

Jumper way

Short jumper to start the way Squelch circuit, open circuit at high-fidelity sound amplification AGC way.