Business Intelligence

POS (Point Of Sale system):

The core area of the retailers’ business and ERP is the Point Of Sale system. In addition to handling sales at front of store, the software connects to a terminal at the head office, allowing for the collection and assimilation of data from all store locations. This provides an invaluable tool for data analysis, aiding in forecasting and decision making on the running of the business from a day to day, month to month or long term perspective. We provide many services around this concept to ensure that the retailer is getting the most from their system - both hardware and software. POS System can be used in Restaurants, Hospitals and Retail Businesses.


POS & Retail Software selection:

The service of looking after POS and general software selection is part of our core competency. ICT Doctor offers this service with a suite of current software packages that we have approved. We are acting as resellers, or, more correctly, Value Added resellers. The chosen packages that we offer are at different price points, catering for different sized budgets and for different sized retailers.


Server Install & management:

Consolidation of information in an IT system is achieved by the installation of a central computer called a server. These larger, more powerful computers provide a means to successfully centralise data and store it in an orderly, retrievable manner. The advantages of running a server-based system lie in the fact that local terminals can be freed up from storing data, thereby running more efficiently; and by storing data in one, central location – usually at a head office - it minimises the risk of corruption of valuable data at store level. The efficiencies overrall of this type of set up with management services attached allow you and your team more flexibility in the day to day running of the business.

Business Intelligence:

Business Intelligence (BI) represents the technology and processes of transforming data into knowledge and the application of such knowledge for decision making.

BI software is already deployed and being used by thousands of companies to find new revenue opportunities, identify market trends, reduce costs, detect fraud and improve overall operational efficiency.

Our AAW Intelligence (AAW-I) offers complete web access to your Counter Intelligence POS & Office on a real time basis providing web based reports. The daily sales, weekly and month report feature allows you to analysis your sales while you are on the move.  Our graphical interface will make trend analysis a lot easier. All reports work on a Apple Mac, iPhone ,iPad or any internet browser.

AAW-I web report is an enhancement added into very successful Retail Management software, AAW Intelligence. It uses the same reporting data as AAW Intelligence to provide you with different graphical reports on the fly.


Maximise your investment and minimize your risk!

We  help companies adopt and learn new strategies for organizing computer data. We set up new software and improve existing systems to make it easier to manage information. We combine our knowledge of technology and business management to improve efficiency, boost profits, and reduce operating costs. 

We utilize up-to-date, efficient information technology systems such as clouding system. We can help company owners identify the shortcomings of their current systems and suggest ways to improve them. When first meeting with a new client, we spend time working through existing software programs and pointing out problems. we will explain how information gaps, lagging computers, and outdated technology are affecting the business at a fundamental level. Once all problems have been identified, we will set up a demo to show the client how new hardware and software makes data easier to manage.

 Based on our international backgrounds and our advanced information technology, we can provide special business intelligence in China and Australia.