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AAW is Australian registered security brand. 100% owned by Australian.


AAW Smart NVR & HD IP Camera system's special features: 

1. Automatically alarm email / App message with snapshot to your smart phone’s App when motion detected (the motion detected will trigger the alarm email/message (it is better than traditional security alarm because it can keep picture or video as evidence, and even someone takes all the recorder, you still keep the picture as evidence); 

2. When motion detected in specific area and specific time, an alarm email with snapshot will be sent to you automatically. So even if the intruder take away the recorder, you still keep the snapshot in email for evidence

3. Support all cameras playback synchronously 

4. Support Dynamic IP address. If ISP (like Telstra, Optus) changes your IP address, you don’t need to re-configure the your mobile or computer for remotely access; 

5.  Playback recorded video history on your smart phone , or iPad

6. It is very easy to find specific video: you can preview the video before play, and only need to move the mouse to time bar, then you can watch the video! (this method is very important for you to find out the specific video from lots of videos);


7.  You can remotely access the CCTV using  MAC Safari browser

8. Superior quality:

Daytime version on the mobile for only 1.4M HD IP Camera (better than other brand's 2 Megapixel HD IP Camera):


Nighttime version for 1.4M HD IP Camera (without other light source, better than other brand's 2 Megapixel HD IP Camera):


We can update your misty or blurry CCTV system to crystal clear HD CCTV system with the existing cable ( re-cable, so cheap and clear!!!)


Our security systems ensure you can remotely control your Security systems via your smartphone.

We provide free APP for customer to remotely interact with the cameras:

Using our free App, you can remotely playback (not only remote view), mobile snapshot and record, alarm notification and free DDNS(which means it can work using dynamic IP address), and P2P QR Code;

Our HD IP camera support audio input/output, which means  your mobile and camera can work as a remote video intercom too;

Our free App can remotely control  PTZ camera's move;

We are special, and no other one in the market can provide all above functions. --You can try it from Apple Store now, our app name is "AAWHD"!

We have NVR/DVR and Cameras of AHD, HD SDI, HD IP) and other security products.

Our DVR supports almost all smartphone to remote control your Security systems including remote playback and remote view.